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Divorce issues.   Ms Phipps is experienced in all areas of divorce law.  She can help you with your child and custody issues, child support, maintenance claims, property and debt division.  She will help you to settle your case or represent you at trial if settlement fails.She will help you through the complicated process to achieve the best results for yourself and your children.

Allocation of Parental Responsibility.  These are the cases where you have a child together but were never married.  It is important to establish the legal rights of both parents in regard to child support, time with your children, and who gets to make major decisions in their lives. These actions are similair to divorce actions and set up the respective rights of both parents.  Ms Phipps will help you through this court process.
CFI  Ms Phipps is trained as a child and family investigator and is designated as such by the State of Colorado. A child and family investigator can be appointed in your divorce or allocation of parental responsibility case, if you are unable to agree on what is best for your children. If your case requires one of these experts to be appointed, Ms Phipps can be requested by yourself or your attorney to look out for the best interest of your children.

Wills and Powers of Attorney.  Ms Phipps can help you in preparing a will and medical power of attorney (living will) or financial power of attorney.  These documents are important to prepare or update at the conclusion of your divorce or at anytime there is a major change to the circumstances of your life such as a marriage or birth of a child.

Estate Planning for Authors. Are you a published author? Do you have a will or trust that addresses who will get the rights to your books once you die? Contact us to help you draft the right documents that address the specific issues authors face.

Step-parent adoptions. If you are remarried and your new spouse wishes to legally adopt your children and the children's biological father is either unfit or unwilling to be a father to your children, or has legally abandoned them, Ms. Phipps can help you through the adoption process.
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